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Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you enjoyed your time with family and friends!


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Happy New Year!!

Urban D Newsletter January 2015

Dope Directory Review

Had an awesome time with the guys from the Dope Directory. Adding a little more info to your search for dispensaries. Here’s a little clip from the article. Link at bottom for full page:

It’s not just a trope that you’ll see in shows like the Beverly Hillbillies; a lot of people from rural areas are genuinely shocked at how people interact in the big city. However, it might not be nearly as noticeable in a city like Denver, as the Midwest floods us with enough influence to make us seem like some friendly city folk. Even so, people start staring when you start smiling and – God forbid – start talking to them while traversing the sidewalks downtown. The irony isn’t lost on me, or I’m sure anyone who has ever resided in a large city (especially my East Coast homies. NYC, I’m looking at you). You might be within ten miles of a million people at any given time, but society conditions us to not make eye contact, keep our heads down, and mind our own damn business. Imagine my surprise, then, finding the complete customer service experience in a place whose name is an homage to the city. Urban Dispensary, located off 38th Avenue just north of the Highlands, might be a cozy place in a heavily urban area, but the aforementioned rules of the city fly right out the window, and in their place, a slower-paced and more personal customer service experience…. (Read More at: http://dopedirectory.com/marijuana-dispensary-review/urban-dispensary-review-denver/)

Urban Dispensary April 2014 Newsletter

Our First Issue! April 2014

Everyone here at Urban Dispensary couldn’t be more excited about our first ever newsletter to keep our very valued patients updated on events, specials, upcoming strains, and fun facts. In this issue we will of course be focusing on our favorite holiday 420!!

If there is anything you would like featured or would like to share a story with us and give feedback please feel free to shoot us an email at info@urbandispensary.com We love hearing from you!


Marijuana History

1500 BC – The earliest written reference to Cannabis in Chinese pharmacopeia

700 BC – A Persian text “The Venidad” Lists Cannabis as one of the most important of 10,000 plants

1611 – Hemp Comes to America!!

1799 – Napoleon brings pot from Egypt to France and investigates its medicinal benefits

1850 – Cannabis was added to the U.S. pharmacopeia

1911 – Massachusetts is the first state to outlaw cannabis

1937 – Marijuana Stamp Act is enacted and first arrest takes places at the Lexington Hotel in Denver

1942 – Marijuana is removed from U.S. pharmacopeia

1970 – Marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 narcotic

1973 – The DEA is established

1990 – Researchers discover CBD receptors in the brain allowing scientists to understand the medicinal benefits of cannabis

2000 – Colorado becomes 7th state to legalize Medical Marijuana

2014 – Recreational Marijuana is officially for sale in stores throughout Colorado!


Edible of the Month

Dixie – Colorado Bar

At 300mg this is sure to give you that punch you’re looking for in an edible. Sunflower butter ganache covered in white and milk chocolate you’ll have a tough time not eating the whole thing at once. Beware if you do it will take you for a spin. I like a good punch so I started with ½ of the bar at 150mg. Enjoying a lovely sunset at lookout mountain about 20 minutes after I had eaten I got a rush of euphoria coming over me. Becoming nervous at first I had to remind myself what I had eaten and to just to sit back and enjoy.  Which I did, very much in fact. However next time I may just start out with a ¼ (maybe less). Let’s just say I was thankful to not be the one driving home that night and I slept like a baby J


Forget Easter! Happy 420!

420 Events, Specials, & Hours

Due to 420 falling on the same day as Easter this year and that we are closed on Sundays Urban Dispensary will be closed on Sunday April 20th. However we will be featuring awesome 420 Specials for not just one but TWO DAYS this year! So make sure to stop in and stock up on your 420 needs early this year! Who doesn’t like to be prepared anyway right?!  Specials TBA but will include gift bags, awesome discounts, and happy faces!


How It All Began. The Origin of 420!

420 originated by a group of guys out of San Rafael High School in California. Basically during an after school smoke session one of these guys known as “The Bebe” or “The Father of 420” glances at the clock and says “its 4:20, time for some bong loads”. The term was a big hit that spread through the region and on to others quickly. Now it is celebrated as a national holiday for people to come together and burn down!


How to Make Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

THC bonds to the fats in foods. Using coconut oil to make edibles is fantastic because it is filled with healthy fats to make it more potent and effective. Coconut oil is filled healthy fats and all around great for your body inside and out! Not to mention those fats make it a great substitute for butter or olive oil. It’s always best to get organic, unfiltered, cold pressed coconut to insure you are reaping its benefits for your body to the fullest.

what you will need

  • Crock Pot or Slow Cooker
  • Cannabis Trim or Flower
  • Coconut Oil
  • Straining Material (cheese cloth works great)


  1. Measure your Cannabis and Oil. Depending the amount you want. Generally a 2 : 1 ratio works best and as you practice you will be able to change this up depending on your potency preference.
  2. Grind the cannabis. This is nice to break it down and it will bond better with the oil. Just don’t lose that sugary goodness!
  3. Put desired amount of oil into the crock pot and let it get nice and smooth as coconut oil tends to be solid until warmed up. Crock pot should be on LOW through entire process.
  4. Add cannabis
  5. Let sit for at least 6 hours (12 works best). It’s great to stir throughout the process and make sure it is ALWAYS ON LOW.
  6. When the time is up us a strainer and cheese cloth to eliminate plant material in oil to strain the cannabis out and BAM your done!


Upcoming Strains


Kurple Fantasy

Jupiter OG

Skywalker OG

Oaksterdam OG

Ghost OG

Alien OG

Purple Urkle

Deadhead OG

G13 x Widow

Pre 98 Bubba Kush



Sour Kush


Vader Kush


Jack Herer

Durban Poison

Lemon Grenade

AK – 47



Lemon Sour Diesel


Now Carrying Green Dot Labs

Extract Company Out of Boulder, CO

Green Dot Labs is a new company out of Boulder offering fine cannabis extracts. We couldn’t be more excited about carrying products from this company. They do all their in house growing using a simple organic method and safely extract the entire plant and utilize everything possible. They offer a variety of top shelf products including the following..

  • Nug Run Shatter
  • Nug Run Budder
  • Live Sugar Extract
  • Nectar – The entire plant is extracted in this process. Also known as live plant resin.

All of these products have been a great hit on our shelf already!

Check out their website for more information!