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Open for recreational!!

We are open for recreational sales. The entrance is on the Clay street (side entrance), and our medical shop is still open through the 38th street entrance (south).

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Happy New Year!!

Urban D Newsletter January 2015

Dope Directory Review

Had an awesome time with the guys from the Dope Directory. Adding a little more info to your search for dispensaries. Here’s a little clip from the article. Link at bottom for full page:

It’s not just a trope that you’ll see in shows like the Beverly Hillbillies; a lot of people from rural areas are genuinely shocked at how people interact in the big city. However, it might not be nearly as noticeable in a city like Denver, as the Midwest floods us with enough influence to make us seem like some friendly city folk. Even so, people start staring when you start smiling and – God forbid – start talking to them while traversing the sidewalks downtown. The irony isn’t lost on me, or I’m sure anyone who has ever resided in a large city (especially my East Coast homies. NYC, I’m looking at you). You might be within ten miles of a million people at any given time, but society conditions us to not make eye contact, keep our heads down, and mind our own damn business. Imagine my surprise, then, finding the complete customer service experience in a place whose name is an homage to the city. Urban Dispensary, located off 38th Avenue just north of the Highlands, might be a cozy place in a heavily urban area, but the aforementioned rules of the city fly right out the window, and in their place, a slower-paced and more personal customer service experience…. (Read More at: http://dopedirectory.com/marijuana-dispensary-review/urban-dispensary-review-denver/)